Sanctuary of Torture

You think I don't see you for what you are. You are not flesh and blood, Not a pretty face to provide a light in the dark; Nor are you death incarnate Or the greatest evil in the world: You're nothing so spectacular. You are simply horrid, A walking weave of deception, And when you... Continue Reading →


Death’s Allure

I'm sick of hearing how I'm a great person, How generous and supportive I am. It's not that I don’t appreciate a compliment, But it's patronizing when I still feel so alone; Because my friends are too busy for me And talking to any of them now is akin to screaming into a void. My... Continue Reading →

Empty Rooms, Dark Rooms

Reconciling life in your absence Has proven an impossible task; There is no light left to see with, No fire to provide warmth. This room empty, the road ahead barren; Desolation awaits, and not even a mote of hope, Because you left this house with him, And I don't know how to settle for less... Continue Reading →


Why don't you come home and remind me I'm sick again? I really can't get enough of it! Describe to me how I'm crazy, lazy, and always too stressed, As if I haven't spent my entire life inside this backwards mind. Does my diagnosis displease you? Let me get a second opinion real quick! Sometimes... Continue Reading →


I'm sick of settling for half your heart And confessing every detail of my love for you When all I get in return are platitudes--- Trite rhetoric that you've uttered to who knows how many others? I'm not your emotional support bank For you to withdraw from when you're at your worst, While I receive... Continue Reading →

The Death and Renaissance of Your World

You stand at the edge of your apocalypse, And still you're the most breathtaking sight in the cosmos, Turning the heads of gods and capturing the gazes of stars, Just watching this world meet its end, Wondering where it went wrong, Why every choice led to a worse circumstance, And how you'll ever pick up... Continue Reading →

Death by Deprivation

This is how you killed me: You gave me something wonderful--- A blessing beyond anything I could have conceived: God's light corporeal, And a love crystalline and empyreal, The very thing that was always missing in my life, Though I had never realized it; The element that provided life substance And rescued me from the... Continue Reading →


The lights snuff out when you draw near, Your very presence enough to smother. I thought you were supposed to bear the torch, Be my comfort through the fiercest storms; But you're no knight or savior, No vanguard to shield me from harm. The promises you whispered into my ear Or shouted with the world... Continue Reading →

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