Dragon Tongue

Don’t pretend I can't hear you speak with your dragon tongue, Forked and duplicitous, Spewing venom from one tip And anesthesia from the other; But somewhere down the road You've forgotten how to even lie, Or else you no longer care about me enough to do so. Don't think I haven't noticed how you treat... Continue Reading →


Heart-numbing Games

Sometimes I wonder how much you hear me Or if you'd prefer to converse with a mute. Maybe I should buy you a mirror To create a better illusion of dependency For your one-sided nature. I'm tired of pledging my allegiance, Baring my heart out every day, When you just shrug in reply. I refuse... Continue Reading →

Personal Apocalypse

I woke up to a world collapsed, The foundations of the very earth trembling: Throes of a lifeform pregnant with catastrophe, A parasite unyielding to the elation of birth, Accompanied only by screams of suffering--- A monstrosity raised in futility, Predestination heralding a conflagration eternal, Dread and terror our only mistress in the interim. A... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary of Torture

You think I don't see you for what you are. You are not flesh and blood, Not a pretty face to provide a light in the dark; Nor are you death incarnate Or the greatest evil in the world: You're nothing so spectacular. You are simply horrid, A walking weave of deception, And when you... Continue Reading →

Death’s Allure

I'm sick of hearing how I'm a great person, How generous and supportive I am. It's not that I don’t appreciate a compliment, But it's patronizing when I still feel so alone; Because my friends are too busy for me And talking to any of them now is akin to screaming into a void. My... Continue Reading →

Empty Rooms, Dark Rooms

Reconciling life in your absence Has proven an impossible task; There is no light left to see with, No fire to provide warmth. This room empty, the road ahead barren; Desolation awaits, and not even a mote of hope, Because you left this house with him, And I don't know how to settle for less... Continue Reading →


Why don't you come home and remind me I'm sick again? I really can't get enough of it! Describe to me how I'm crazy, lazy, and always too stressed, As if I haven't spent my entire life inside this backwards mind. Does my diagnosis displease you? Let me get a second opinion real quick! Sometimes... Continue Reading →


I'm sick of settling for half your heart And confessing every detail of my love for you When all I get in return are platitudes--- Trite rhetoric that you've uttered to who knows how many others? I'm not your emotional support bank For you to withdraw from when you're at your worst, While I receive... Continue Reading →

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