Purge and Panic

It starts in the chest, constricting my heart like a boa, As if asthma affects the aorta instead of the lungs. It stirs a panic, a need to find a loved one and never let go--- Not just holding on, but being absorbed so that I am never again alone; But it doesn't stop. The... Continue Reading →


The Chasm

Hear them—the voices beneath you That still talk down to you somehow, That have no words of substance to speak, Jeering from a sunken dais gilded in discrimination. They would call you lost, evil, blasphemous; You would be the monster’s abomination, Not something to abort but to manipulate into repression, Twisting your mind in on... Continue Reading →

Opening the Seventh Chakra

You are the only creature on this earth I love, My sole attachment to a planet razed by evil, A place so deject and hopeless I could never cling to anything else within it; But you have crossed the threshold of my spirit And bound yourself to my heart--- A parasite I would never seek... Continue Reading →

After Life

Hello, love: the possessor of my soul. I collect these tears in Mason jars In hopes of filling the empty basin that is my life, So one day I may pour them in and create an ocean vast, Like the one that swept you away from me. Score have I pined---or at least that is... Continue Reading →

Nature of the Soul

It is the great lie of our existence: that we possess a soul, When the truth is that the soul possesses us. By its very nature it cannot be contained, cannot be denied its nature; And like the imprint of a brand our souls expand beyond ourselves, Imprinting a piece of us onto others: those... Continue Reading →

The Coward’s Mistress

Resigned to her fate, struggle futile: the coward's mistress. Forlorn she looks upon the crest of his infidelity, Invisible to the naked eye, she sees with her third, Though she is wont to deny it—shield to protect her sanity; But no esteem to speak of: It has been whored out to the undeserving, Dragons' claws... Continue Reading →

To Raava, My Life

Hello, Raava, center of my soul. I know we spent only a moment apart, But every second that our spirits do not touch Is an eternity of sorrow I cannot bear, Like everything that is good in me Has been sucked into darkness, vanished from existence, And I must trudge through this world without you:... Continue Reading →

Pointing Fingers

You tried to preserve me like some weird human Tupperware (which is the dumbest comparison I’ve ever drawn) and in so doing you never touched me, never explored me, just left me on a pedestal as a mythologized archetype; so I experienced corruption on my own, free of your direct influence, absent of your presence.... Continue Reading →

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