The Judge

My life is thus: The judge sits at his bench, Demeaning and destructive; His verdict offers no justice, His sentence serves no rehabilitation. Before him, I would be a prisoner Shackled in solitary evermore; Any attempt at release Would be mocked and chided Because, in his words, I am worthless, No longer any good to... Continue Reading →


So This is What Death Feels Like

I watch you from the shadows: A mouth that never speaks, Eyes that never move, Because I feel I am bound to you, To protect, to console. So disillusioned am I To feign that I've such an honor, For despite prescience And a damnable wisdom, You are not mine to command. Perform on the stage... Continue Reading →


You're not worth my time, With your insecurities, profligacy, and secrecy; Not worth the hours I could waste Conjuring all possibilities in which I could make you smile. You're not worth the breaths I could take, Striving to subsist just to keep you happy--- The doses of oxygen you would never cherish, The dedication you... Continue Reading →

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