Me, Vulnerable

Hand light particles

Here am I,
Vulnerable and exposed,
Because unlike the craven and weak,
I will not succumb to puerility—
Deluded by ego
Into believing there is strength
In shutting the world off,
Denying it my love and truth.
Revealing myself to her fully,
Whether in acceptance or rejection,
There is value in this soul’s existence,
And to repudiate that would be to blaspheme
Not only myself, but the spirits of those
Who would dare keep me in good company.
Even in the face of tragedy
The road to progress is singular,
And whether it cut me,
Bruise me,
Or hang me from the noose,
I will not lose sight.
Palm ever outward,
I will show them my own weakness,
My insecurities and fears,
And in the embrace of the few
Who would cherish me for all aspects,
I know there is a love that cannot be broken,
And when my moment is at hand,
I will die well because of it.


Evocation of Silence


I struggled effusively to offer rejoinder
Without condemning myself to an oath;
To say a word you wouldn’t hold me to,
To break the constraints of your mercantilism.

A barrage of verbosity would flow
Like a deluge untamable by dams,
For they would shred concrete like paper
And all my vulnerabilities would be exposed.

This is a veracity inadmissible,
For no elegy must be recited
That would expound revelations of abhorrence
Or in any manner undermine my guise.

I quavered under the pressure you applied,
Exuding satisfaction from my social demise,
Until at last I confirmed I didn’t have to respond to you at all
And walked away soundly.