Social Confessional

I may have sinned, but I won't ask your forgiveness. The truth is I've only tried to emulate you, Acting without scruples in your manner, But I still stand in awe of you: How you blaze a trail of ruin, Leaving flowers to wither and vegetation to rot. You don't possess a conscience; Perhaps that's... Continue Reading →


Frankly, My Dear

I've tried so hard to hate you, But every time I muster a mote of loathing Or contrive the basest slander against your character, My tongue ties into knots or I stumble; And I know that for all my wishing, I could never bring myself to defame you, Though it would be so much easier... Continue Reading →

Nefarious Emissary

This is what happens when we play with fire: We burn bridges down Because we trifle with things we don't understand. As hard as I tried, I could never fathom you Or comprehend your virulent mechanisms. In retrospect, it's so easy To say I was unjustly tasked with this onus, But not all of us... Continue Reading →

The Sins We Cannot Forgive

In spite of the pomp and confidence You exude every waking moment, Your silence is baffling; Nary a sound slips from your tongue, At least not in my presence, Because your words are reserved For the debased and debauched Who would only drag your soul To the depths of a hell you think you crave.... Continue Reading →

Wounding an Angel

This is what happens When anger collides with compassion: An eddy of rage Coalesces with a river Formed from dissonant tears To compose emotions obfuscate and cacophonous; In the end, I'm left paralyzed, Dubious of which step will be my last, Praying to a god both deaf and mute That it will be the next.... Continue Reading →

Living Horrors

Do not shower me with your adulations; They are acrimony to mine ears. Your effete efforts to boost my ego Only serve as japes to remind me of what I am in your eyes: Nothing real Nothing worth giving yourself to, Only a caste to fill with catastrophe and dejection. Were I robbed of innocence---... Continue Reading →

Within the Shadow

Another one down; Another one to surmount the guilt. In this field of giants, what am I but a speck? I am a plague, a darkness upon this forbidden land, Rife with abominations, But when the corpses mount the pile, I am a titan among insects. Hear me! father of the land: I never wished... Continue Reading →

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