You have me caught in a vice, Squeezing tighter as you twist my mind, Preying upon my fragility, Pouncing upon my insecurities To wrap these strings around my wrists And make me dance the way you want me to. Every time I stand up straight, Expending all my might to snap free, You twist me... Continue Reading →


These, the Wings of Mirthless Musing

Can't see how I'll survive tomorrow When yesterday's gaffes still ruin my psyche, Laying waste to this corporation of self-confidence, Always reminding what I've missed out on. It's like my memory of you is parasitic, Latching onto every thought and sucking it dry So that there's nothing in my mind but you And a ridicule... Continue Reading →

A Pessimist’s Rumination

Tell me what you think I want to hear: About the strength of the human spirit Or perhaps the reward for perseverance. Take all your advice and inspiring idioms And throw them in the trash; Light them on fire, For I want none of them. I don't want to hear of beauty and success; I... Continue Reading →

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