The Dread of Ye

    I hate this feeling: The dread--- This fucking dread--- Knowing the anguish to come Now that this void I tried so hard to fill--- That was filled with your goddamn voice--- Is a void once more. The ennui is so real, And I abhor it so much, I find myself raking at my... Continue Reading →


Raging Texan

You are a raging alcoholic, A bleeding masochist Delighting in the debauchery You wade in to ignite your self-loathing And justify the stoicism that defines your life. You are the type of person, So entrenched in hopelessness That you would excuse a domestic abuser, Because co-dependence outweighs your well-being, Despite your assertions to the contrary.... Continue Reading →

My Shallow Envy

Is it okay if I kill myself now? Because I'm never going to see anything as iridescent as your spirit, Transcending every perception I had about beauty; But you're only drifting further from me, And I'm too selfish and immature to admit That you're entering realms far beyond anything I can offer. There's no excuse... Continue Reading →

Within the Shadow

Another one down; Another one to surmount the guilt. In this field of giants, what am I but a speck? I am a plague, a darkness upon this forbidden land, Rife with abominations, But when the corpses mount the pile, I am a titan among insects. Hear me! father of the land: I never wished... Continue Reading →

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