The Dread of Ye

    I hate this feeling: The dread--- This fucking dread--- Knowing the anguish to come Now that this void I tried so hard to fill--- That was filled with your goddamn voice--- Is a void once more. The ennui is so real, And I abhor it so much, I find myself raking at my... Continue Reading →



Here we sit across the void, Two specters Watching each other clandestinely, Never speaking, never touching, Just hoping the other will slip first: I, the vacillating spirit, Who weaves in and out of your consciousness--- At one moment the center of your attention, And the next nonexistent in your realm; You, the mute celestial, Punishing... Continue Reading →


I am a parasite, a disease, A corruption never meant for your world; Eons I have traveled, And light-years across the cosmos, Seeking what you, in infirm mind And demarcated myopia, can never assimilate. I have suffered your invectives millennia quondam, Yet my petitions were never heard; Ever a calamity I am--- Albeit effulgent and heralding... Continue Reading →

A Rumination on Repudiation

Since this is a personal blog, I feel (have always felt, really) that I am justified in posting whatever I feel like posting, be it jocular or solemn. So today, dear readers, enjoy a veritable, if extremely short, work of poetry I crafted. It seems to keep in tone of this blog's ambivalent title, anyway.... Continue Reading →

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