The Bride Even the Devil Divorced

There is nothing sexy about your rage--- The infernal vengeance You would reap upon those who have wronged you, Borne you into this world, Or stood in your presence Instead of kneeling before your majesty; So excuse me if I recuse myself From your infallible presence Or shiver when your skin meets mine. I do... Continue Reading →



I crave destruction; It's not some romanticized fiction Or noble venture brimming with sentiment. Because of everything that's conspired against me--- Governments, family, a chastised world--- I pine for the end. Within this sanctuary I have etched There exists no morality, Only a rage beget by injustice; And on this altar of ire I sacrifice... Continue Reading →

Raging Texan

You are a raging alcoholic, A bleeding masochist Delighting in the debauchery You wade in to ignite your self-loathing And justify the stoicism that defines your life. You are the type of person, So entrenched in hopelessness That you would excuse a domestic abuser, Because co-dependence outweighs your well-being, Despite your assertions to the contrary.... Continue Reading →

No Fury

Does it please you to see me writhe? I see the jubilation in your eyes As your hand, dominant and possessive, Comes crashing down on my soul, Laying waste to my sanity And usurping my will To do anything but drop to my knees, Begging you for a moment of attention. That smile, punishing and... Continue Reading →


One of these days I'm going to make you beg--- First for your life, Until you accept┬áit won't be spared--- Then for death, Once you realize┬áit won't come quickly. It has nothing to do with justice, Only a desire for revenge, And to preserve the lives Of the ones I cherish. I will relish in... Continue Reading →

Rage and Penance

I am not ashamed to admit I love you, That every action was to impress you, Make you look at me differently, Dote upon me your affections; And the truth is--- Regardless of what the prevaricators say--- That I worshiped you unconditionally. It took one mistake, One fleeting moment of self-centeredness, For you to turn... Continue Reading →


Okay, so I haven't cast off these chains yet--- Have not removed this burden--- But it's hard to exhume a body buried so deep And exorcise the soul that lays dormant within; Yet this is the challenge, The onus I have undertaken To make reparations for my transgressions And return to form that which I... Continue Reading →

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