Okay, so I haven't cast off these chains yet--- Have not removed this burden--- But it's hard to exhume a body buried so deep And exorcise the soul that lays dormant within; Yet this is the challenge, The onus I have undertaken To make reparations for my transgressions And return to form that which I... Continue Reading →



I've seen your misery; You've poisoned me with your goddamned spite, And each time I see that glower I long to peel every inch of flesh from my face. It's sickening, this power you have over me, The way you command my emotions with your eyes--- A glance for hope, an aversion for despair, But... Continue Reading →

Your Impotent Fury

I do not appreciate this false privilege You have deftly imparted upon me--- The way you use me as an intermediary Through which to execute your impotent fury; It lacerates me, leaving me feral and distant. Don't you get that I'm human, too, And not just a pawn in petty games? As much as I... Continue Reading →

Evocation of Silence

I struggled effusively to offer rejoinder Without condemning myself to an oath; To say a word you wouldn't hold me to, To break the constraints of your mercantilism. A barrage of verbosity would flow Like a deluge untamable by dams, For they would shred concrete like paper And all my vulnerabilities would be exposed. This... Continue Reading →

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