Same ol’, Same ol’

I want to write something happy for once, anything uplifting, motivational, cathartic, but my creativity has been stonewalled by your absence. So habitual is my turning around to tell you something--- a joke, an anecdote about my day, or just another compliment--- that it catches me off guard every time when I turn around and... Continue Reading →



Aphrodite stares in envy At the beauty with which you grace Olympus; Greater even than a goddess, You enrapture every eye with your presence, Casting a shadow on the brightest lights in this world Because your radiance outshines them all. If Helen's face launched a thousand ships Yours would incite global warfare, For no soul... Continue Reading →


I don't want your life; I don't desire your responsibilities, Your affiliations, Your education. I care not for your loved ones; They are a triviality. I yearn not for your principles, Could not care less by what name you call God; I am not concerned whether you meditate or pray, Or if your musings are... Continue Reading →

Promethean Affection

I'm not in love with you, Just the idea of you; And I posit every time you look at me There are daggers sheathed behind those eyes, Waiting to pierce with calumny and spite. So I'll do what I always do: Antagonize you; Treat you with malice and ice, And watch that sweet physiognomy Fade... Continue Reading →

Spiteful Camaraderie

  You are resplendent in appearance, Unattainable nobility the peasantry admires; You are also the worst thing for me, And it has nothing to do with you. In your nature you are kind, Accepting and sociable, Compassionate, caring--- All that I desire. The thing is, it does not sit well with me--- Your beauty, your... Continue Reading →

Hypnic Jerk

Fear laces my heart, Pumping faster now--- Faster, faster! This is insanity; My mind's an absurdity. Of all that death's threatened in this episodic nightmare, Lucidity may be the first to fall from the periphery. Scratching these memories from the surface of consciousness Only to have the remnants vacillate into my stream of thought, I... Continue Reading →

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