Dream, Come True

Not many things in this world have evoked hesitation from me.

Death gave me pause, before I dove headlong toward it.

I haven’t looked back since.


Embers in Silence

Embers in silence

We sit in silence:
Two embers flickering,
Barely existing but always resisting
The end we know awaits.

We sit in silence,
Staring down our reckoning,
Cognizant of what we deserve,
Ruined by what we’ve seized.

We need no words between us;
Our history’s etched in memory.
Nothing so fragile or transient,
For our breaths speak volumes louder.

Recalcitrant toward fate,
We test deities with mere subsistence;
We taunt destiny with each heartbeat,
Knowing our transgressions—
Regretting none of them.