The Coward’s Mistress

Resigned to her fate, struggle futile: the coward's mistress. Forlorn she looks upon the crest of his infidelity, Invisible to the naked eye, she sees with her third, Though she is wont to deny it—shield to protect her sanity; But no esteem to speak of: It has been whored out to the undeserving, Dragons' claws... Continue Reading →


The Dread of Ye

    I hate this feeling: The dread--- This fucking dread--- Knowing the anguish to come Now that this void I tried so hard to fill--- That was filled with your goddamn voice--- Is a void once more. The ennui is so real, And I abhor it so much, I find myself raking at my... Continue Reading →

A Perversion of Human Will

I take my seat at the mistake of the century, A willing bystander, discomfited, But curious of my own prophesying--- Heralded eons ago but never heeded--- To challenge my own prescience, Even though I acknowledge the futility In humoring such an action. Never one for disguise, I've laid bare every feeling, Every thought to illuminate... Continue Reading →

Not All Love Stories End Well

I am the luckiest human alive To have found my savior, My redeemer, The one who keeps me alive And shows me this world Is not always ugly, That there is something to live for Amidst the horror reels And insipid greys. Yet, as the years have ticked by, I have felt your scorn, I... Continue Reading →

Last Resorts

Sometimes I think about leaving--- Not even packing up or bidding farewells--- Just leave as I am: Heartless, hopeless, alone, A failure. My life has reached Armageddon, With everything laid waste by a nuclear holocaust When the atom bomb dropped before me, Incinerating every trace of freedom and tranquility. I have grown weary of combat... Continue Reading →

Mourning Callisto

Hello, Callisto. That is your true identity, is it not? One sworn to a cause Noble and righteous Until fate set upon you your false god, Who stole from you your innocence, Your future, And impregnated you with your demise. Fealty given to one who would spite you For a single mistake--- Not even of your... Continue Reading →

For the Love of All Gods

Weeks have gone by Since you stole the color from my life And imbued souls undeserving With a sunrise they could never comprehend; And I, venerated above such trifles By gods, titans, and demons, Have deigned to feel your suffering, To deliver unto you ascendancy Into a dimension surreal and provocative; But you would distort... Continue Reading →

Moments of Weakness

I always hoped I would be something more: Something deserving of the blessing That bulldozed into my life, Filling color in where once there was grey. I had striven to be a better man: Strong, never succumbing to the detrimental forces That feast upon my weaknesses And wreak havoc on every good thing in my... Continue Reading →

Rage and Penance

I am not ashamed to admit I love you, That every action was to impress you, Make you look at me differently, Dote upon me your affections; And the truth is--- Regardless of what the prevaricators say--- That I worshiped you unconditionally. It took one mistake, One fleeting moment of self-centeredness, For you to turn... Continue Reading →

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