Aphrodite stares in envy
At the beauty with which you grace Olympus;
Greater even than a goddess,
You enrapture every eye with your presence,
Casting a shadow on the brightest lights in this world
Because your radiance outshines them all.
If Helen’s face launched a thousand ships
Yours would incite global warfare,
For no soul exists that would deny you
Or refuse any amount of sacrifice—
Even the entire world—
To be gifted with your love;
But it was your mind that captivated me,
And while it reflects your splendor tenfold,
Its depths are far beyond my reach,
So no matter how far I explore,
How much I learn of you,
It could never be enough.
In that way you have me rapt for eternity,
And I would have it no other way,
Because to be in the light of your goodness
Has no comparison on this Earth.
Every word uttered, every opinion shared,
May as well be the mandate of God,
Except I know you exist,
And never for a second could I doubt you
Or live a second in the darkness a free spirit
Now that I have touched your light.
Should damnation pursue me
For daring to even graze your brilliance,
Every second of hell would be worth it.
You are greater than happiness,
You are greater than heaven or hell,
You are greater than any god, real or fictional.
You are all and everything that matters.

Me, Vulnerable

Hand light particles

Here am I,
Vulnerable and exposed,
Because unlike the craven and weak,
I will not succumb to puerility—
Deluded by ego
Into believing there is strength
In shutting the world off,
Denying it my love and truth.
Revealing myself to her fully,
Whether in acceptance or rejection,
There is value in this soul’s existence,
And to repudiate that would be to blaspheme
Not only myself, but the spirits of those
Who would dare keep me in good company.
Even in the face of tragedy
The road to progress is singular,
And whether it cut me,
Bruise me,
Or hang me from the noose,
I will not lose sight.
Palm ever outward,
I will show them my own weakness,
My insecurities and fears,
And in the embrace of the few
Who would cherish me for all aspects,
I know there is a love that cannot be broken,
And when my moment is at hand,
I will die well because of it.

Pledge to the Orphan

World hands

Hello, world.
That’s what you are to me:
The axis upon which my psyche tilts,
The only sustenance for my soul.
There is no other light on this dismal earth,
Where monsters roam
And the living have lost their minds
To infections untreatable
Or stringency remorseless;
But you, my world—
You are that something special,
That substance to fill the hole
Torn so long ago in my heart.
Make no mistake:
Everyone sees you for greatness,
For their own ends,
Their greed and self-centeredness,
To provide themselves purpose
And take credit for your gifts.
I just want to see you smile,
To live, even in a land so bleak,
So debauched,
Because you are the sun,
The hope of the world,
And every day I wonder
How, after my vitriol and spite,
My gelid words to push you away
And turn your heart bitter,
That you still give me the time of day;
But more than that,
I fight to keep you near,
No matter the blood that will be shed,
No matter what lives are lost
Or if this world should descend into despair,
Because you, my world,
Are worth so much more.

Love and Tragedy Among the Stars

Love stars

Here I am, a helpless creature;
One-of-a-kind, wandering this planet alone.
This is how it’s always been:
Spending nights looking to the sky,
Wondering what may lay in the cosmos,
And traversing the lands—
My lands—
By day, tending to the gardens
In a solitude tranquil but colorless.
I could nary believe it
When, like a sword splitting the sky,
Your vessel bounded into my atmosphere;
I sprinted through forest
And waded through river,
Terrified and excited to discover
What had landed on my surface.
Perhaps it was because I had seen no life,
No other species breathing, walking, thinking,
But I was blinded by your beauty,
Rapt with the way you joined me,
Walking the gardens, nourishing the land;
Two creatures so different,
Aliens in one another’s eyes,
And yet at once hearing of the hostility
Of your volcanic home,
Full of ash and melted rock,
I could do nothing but offer you solace.
A lifetime spent roaming lands alone,
And come to find out, this was my purpose;
That moment I knew the years had been worth it,
And no longer did I look up to the sky
Or wander my lands in search and yearning,
For you were all I was looking for.
Dismayed I was, when you refused to walk any longer;
The serenity of this planet was not to your taste,
And despite my pleas, you would not listen,
But because I could not let you go,
Having broken into my world with such verve,
I left this land I had so loved
To venture to yours.
It was horrifying, and the moment our feet touched earth
Our skin was scalded and our lungs filled with smoke.
There is no life in your world,
No growth or peace or prosperity,
But perennial suffering and strife;
You were more alien to me then
Than you had been when I first saw you,
Absent of concept of extraterrestrial life.
But I knew I could never be happy,
Never be sane among the molten rock,
And so I fled back to my home,
Never again to know if you were safe,
If you had left your home again
In search of some place better,
Where you might thrive and heal.
All I know is I walk my lands every day
And search the stars every night,
Hoping to find your vessel
And the untouchable soul that sleeps within.

Not All Love Stories End Well

Butterfly suicide

I am the luckiest human alive
To have found my savior,
My redeemer,
The one who keeps me alive
And shows me this world
Is not always ugly,
That there is something to live for
Amidst the horror reels
And insipid greys.

Yet, as the years have ticked by,
I have felt your scorn,
I have seen your lows,
And I have realized
That in all your greatness,
You cannot satisfy my self-deprecation,
Cannot fill my voids
Or consecrate my insecurities;
And every effort I make
To use you as my medium
To transubstantiate my sorrow to joy
Has failed miserably.

What I could never admit—
Because it would invalidate me
And prove me the fool I know I am—
Is that I placed you on a pedestal,
Expected you to pull me from the maws of hell
Without ever raising a hand to grab yours,
And in fact, I jumped right back in,
So that no matter how you chased me,
You would never catch me;
I would run your feet bloody
And your lungs depleted of oxygen,
And still convince you
That you should have done more to rescue me.

I was the luckiest human alive,
But now I exist in your colossal shadow,
Shuddering, teeming with anxiety and despair,
Always dreaming of you,
Reaching for you,
And killing myself over and over,
For I know I had one chance,
And for however blessed I was,
I am damned sevenfold now.

Nacreous Vains

Bizarre storm

Hello there, beautiful;
I saw you a dream serene,
Infecting memories of a life long past,
Filling it with verve and vibrancy,
Turning the dull greys into verdant fields,
And it drives me to tears with each glance.
You stole my infatuation
With your wanton kindness
And took hold of my lust
With your sweet sensuality,
Never to acquiesce, never to grant release,
And always to impugn my sanctity
And leave me desperate, yearning,
Wondering where I went astray.
After all’s said and done,
I suppose it doesn’t matter much;
You, amazon of the fantasy,
Are simply too far,
Too transcendent for me to graze
Or look upon without going blind,
So in the recesses of my mind I watch,
Ever admiring, ever dreaming
And always, always reaching.

Mistress of Erebus


You came to me
In the black of the night:
Mistress of Erebus,
Broken and bleeding
With those eyes so red.
I had fancied you an angel,
Yet you deigned to look to me,
To seek solace in my words.
Alas, I was a myth
You had built up in your head:
Nothing real, no savior
To enlighten you or drag you
From the blackness that has consumed you
And racked you with guilt,
Forcing you to wear a mask
You think the world wants you to wear;
Despite all that, you showed me the real you—
The one so few have seen—
The side fractured but beautiful all the same.
No doubt it was to your chagrin
You discovered I am no god
Or sage to vanquish your troubles
And erase your sorrows;
I am but a man
In the presence of a goddess,
And even though I have failed you,
Had only a fraction of time in the universe
To hold you,
I love you.

The Breathing Myth

Gaia holding up earth

The angels envy you
And the demons hate you;
The Olympians spurn you,
For they are jealous and bitter,
And all the heroes dining in Valhalla
Would cower before you,
Because you dwarf their gods
With the smallest breath
From your empyreal lungs.
You are the birth
Of something the universe has never seen,
So far beyond comprehension
In your transcendence,
Few can even perceive your resplendence;
But each second in your presence
Bends reality itself,
So that all I ever see is raw beauty.
I tremble in the sight of it,
Because it’s terrifying and glorious all at once,
And the thought of it fading,
Leaving my life for something better,
Is enough to fracture my sanity
And send me weeping in the streets.
You are so far beyond anything
I deserve to experience in this life,
And yet I’ve touched your heart,
Felt your pains, joys, fears, and excitements,
And every bit of it is precious to me.
I cherish it, cling to it,
And hold it to my own heart,
Because you are the best thing
I could ever hope to be a part of,
And because of that
I’ve given you my soul,
So that no matter where the world takes you,
Even if it’s far higher than I could ever go,
I will always be with you,
In life or death.

Greater Than Perfection

Enveloped by light

I will not mythologize you
Or twist you into something you’re not,
Perverting you with delusion and fantasy.
I would never need to do that,
Because if I did, it would fall far short
Of your deified existence.
Neither will I allow you
To be blasphemed by notions of perfection
That would only dilute your essence
And ignore the fact that you are far greater;
Everything society would call a flaw
Forms a whole incomprehensible,
And I, uncorrupted by society’s notions
Of love, perfection, and happiness,
Know that you are just as you should be,
And were you anything else,
You couldn’t be a fraction of what you are.
Every facet of your being—
Your voice, your smile,
And even that which the world,
In its sophomoric perception,
Perceives as flaws—
Makes even the angels,
The beings closest to God,
This is not mythology
Or some ill-conceived notion of perfection;
This is merely the truth that has taken hold of me,
So I know, given choice or freedom,
I would never live in another age or place,
Because then I would never know you,
And you’re worth every horror and sin
This world could ever produce.


While normally an image accompanies my writings, there is none that can encapsulate the subject of this piece, and to do so would be just as futile as the proceeding words.

It is a futile task
To try to conjure any word
That could ever describe you
In all your beauty, wonderment,
Talent, quirkiness, and bravado;
To attempt it is a Sisyphean endeavor,
Where even the most poetic words or stanzas
Would sound ugly
Juxtaposed with how incomprehensibly remarkable you are.
When I look at you, speak to you,
And witness your unparalleled divinity,
I realize it is impossible for God to exist,
Because there is nothing within this universe
Or without
That could match your sanctity.
My heart aches as tears well in my eyes,
Because all I want is to help you realize
That you are the greatest thing
To ever exist in this realm,
That in a world filled with virulence and maleficence,
A snapshot of your presence,
The smallest utterance of your voice,
Obliterates anything I could ever perceive as unpleasant
And replaces it with a magnificence so daunting,
I tremble at the thought of its disappearance,
All the while knowing I’ve done nothing to deserve it,
And that at any moment if you cast me off,
Turn me away,
And vanquish this unutterable blessing from my life,
You would be vindicated,
Because even a second of passing you by
Is more than I could ever be worthy of in a lifetime of piety;
And still I falter, knowing these words aren’t enough—
They never will be—
But as pathetic and feeble as they are,
These words are the best I can ever hope to do,
Though with everything in me,
I will forever strive for new ways to make you understand,
Even knowing that every effort will fall short.