I was never yours, And you were never mine. Why, then, does it feel Like I've lost something wonderful? From every angle of this pentagram We never intersected, Never touched, But I could swear to any god I knew you, I felt you, I breathed you. I carve scars into my flesh And then cry... Continue Reading →


The Sins We Cannot Forgive

In spite of the pomp and confidence You exude every waking moment, Your silence is baffling; Nary a sound slips from your tongue, At least not in my presence, Because your words are reserved For the debased and debauched Who would only drag your soul To the depths of a hell you think you crave.... Continue Reading →

Personal Atlas

I am your personal Atlas, Holding up your entire world, The weight of your burdens, The onus that drives you to tears And sends you reaching for escape; But never do I mind, Because I cherish this world You have thrust upon me, Entrusted to me to protect And keep moving every second. Am I... Continue Reading →


Caring is not as simple as it seems. It is not always smiling and laughing; It is not cutting up with colleagues Or the people you see day in and day out. What it really means to care Is to stand firm when those you claim to love Have fallen to their lowest point And... Continue Reading →


Here we sit across the void, Two specters Watching each other clandestinely, Never speaking, never touching, Just hoping the other will slip first: I, the vacillating spirit, Who weaves in and out of your consciousness--- At one moment the center of your attention, And the next nonexistent in your realm; You, the mute celestial, Punishing... Continue Reading →

Innocence Perish

Awakened to this horror story: A tragedy only conceivable in my nightmares. Gripping at nothing for a hold on sanity, Because nothing is all I'm left with. My jowls break from these wails of agony; I cry drops of blood into a basin of sorrow, Reflecting this shell, void of life. This death sentence I'm... Continue Reading →

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