Shadow in the Ubiquitous Light

Shadow angel

A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light—
Luminiferous immemorial.
But where I once stood wide-eyed
My eyes now contract,
Unfamiliar with the purging brightness.

A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light,
Shifting dubiously—not without shame—
For this light that once consoled
Is now foreign in this dark mind;
For profligacy abounds unrestrained.

A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light
Forgets all peace of mind,
Constrained by the throes of transience,
With each intermittence growing in pain
As hollow tears threaten these lungs.

Wafting through trails of memories long past,
Turning my head from piercing eyes;
Woe if they should contrive the truth:
That I am the lost and wandering—
A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light.



Light within

Now that you have offered me a glimpse
Into your spirit, carefree and ethereal,
I cannot turn back,
Cannot pretend I don’t know
What true beauty is.
Such a wonderful gift
You imparted upon me
Just by being yourself,
By showing me your soul;
And now, in your absence,
Everything is the dullest grey.
There is no meaning,
No substance,
No value
Left in this world, save what you possess;
And though I wander alone
Through fields of doubt and insecurity,
It is your light I now carry with me
To blot out the smoke of distress,
And though it’s just a sliver of your divinity,
It is enough,
And I will carry it with me always
As I venture into the black.



I must confess I’m under duress
From all of your mispleasantries;
Keeping me under lock and key,
Holding me tight so I can’t breathe.

Your affections, while sustaining,
Are also noxious to my brain,
Releasing a toxin that will trigger despair
And ruin everything I’ve striven to build.

I’m holding on tight to you
And the light you’ve shone on me,
But that light will only grow brighter
Until it burns me to death.

This is the most gracious rejection
I could ever conceive;
But sometimes stepping into the dark
Is the only solution.

From there I will watch you,
Keeping you as close as I can,
Not to thrive but to subsist,
And experience, on occasion, your fleeting majesty.