From Sky to Terra

If I believed in a god, it would be you, Because you command the entire cosmos by the mere act of existing. Unstoppable, unassailable, you inexplicably glance off any blow And take two more steps forward, As though you stepped out onto this earth Directly from of the gates of heaven. Your presence could freeze... Continue Reading →


Shadow in the Ubiquitous Light

A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light--- Luminiferous immemorial. But where I once stood wide-eyed My eyes now contract, Unfamiliar with the purging brightness. A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light, Shifting dubiously---not without shame--- For this light that once consoled Is now foreign in this dark mind; For profligacy abounds unrestrained. A shadow in the Ubiquitous... Continue Reading →


Now that you have offered me a glimpse Into your spirit, carefree and ethereal, I cannot turn back, Cannot pretend I don’t know What true beauty is. Such a wonderful gift You imparted upon me Just by being yourself, By showing me your soul; And now, in your absence, Everything is the dullest grey. There... Continue Reading →


I must confess I'm under duress From all of your mispleasantries; Keeping me under lock and key, Holding me tight so I can't breathe. Your affections, while sustaining, Are also noxious to my brain, Releasing a toxin that will trigger despair And ruin everything I've striven to build. I'm holding on tight to you And the... Continue Reading →

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