These Obliterated Affairs

I've done it again: Set everything around me to ruin. With the gentlest of touches I have collapsed empires, Toppled monuments, And razed the capitals That govern my id; I have ruptured the dams That hold this deluge at bay So these tears can flow unhindered, Wash away the rubble from these obliterated affairs And,... Continue Reading →


The Only War That Mattered, Lost

This is what war feels like--- Not a conflict of nations or political agendas Waged in faraway deserts neglected, With anonymous bombs falling overhead; I am talking about the battle for a soul, The desperate struggle to offer salvation. After all this time, I still cannot prevaricate And pretend I entered this war zone armed;... Continue Reading →

Even Angels Suffer

You've castrated me, Revealed me for my impotence; I am unable to save you From the demons that tear at your mind And gnash at your soul. I watch, a helpless spectator, As tortured as you, Knowing in the end you will perish Under this insufferable weight That has already dragged you down so far.... Continue Reading →

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