The Bride Even the Devil Divorced

There is nothing sexy about your rage--- The infernal vengeance You would reap upon those who have wronged you, Borne you into this world, Or stood in your presence Instead of kneeling before your majesty; So excuse me if I recuse myself From your infallible presence Or shiver when your skin meets mine. I do... Continue Reading →


Cyanide Demons

There is nothing more akin to hell on Earth Than watching the mutations of friends, Lovers, Family, Into fiends horrific and despondent, And knowing you possess no power, No jurisdiction Over their descent into disparity. You can only lay your eyes on them And their radiance As it is snuffed out, Blotted by an ugliness... Continue Reading →

The Fury of Hell, as Nothing

We are in hell, Living through every moment Of searing pain, Seeking a second's reprieve From the smoke that fills our lungs: A reminder of the abandonment And broken promises we were fed. That makes us demons, Baring every flaw to one another As we drift through this realm of repudiation And self-doubt. God has... Continue Reading →


I am hatred incarnate. Blood-soaked sins of my past Plaster red this acrylic painting Of vivacious colors matching What I saw in those vibrant eyes. No scent, No glimpse, No memory Can every deliquesce from my perception. This, like the paraplegic's legs Or the seeress's vision of war, Is my unholy curse, wrought by imprudence:... Continue Reading →

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