Frankly, My Dear

I've tried so hard to hate you, But every time I muster a mote of loathing Or contrive the basest slander against your character, My tongue ties into knots or I stumble; And I know that for all my wishing, I could never bring myself to defame you, Though it would be so much easier... Continue Reading →



I crave destruction; It's not some romanticized fiction Or noble venture brimming with sentiment. Because of everything that's conspired against me--- Governments, family, a chastised world--- I pine for the end. Within this sanctuary I have etched There exists no morality, Only a rage beget by injustice; And on this altar of ire I sacrifice... Continue Reading →

Rage and Penance

I am not ashamed to admit I love you, That every action was to impress you, Make you look at me differently, Dote upon me your affections; And the truth is--- Regardless of what the prevaricators say--- That I worshiped you unconditionally. It took one mistake, One fleeting moment of self-centeredness, For you to turn... Continue Reading →


I am a parasite, a disease, A corruption never meant for your world; Eons I have traveled, And light-years across the cosmos, Seeking what you, in infirm mind And demarcated myopia, can never assimilate. I have suffered your invectives millennia quondam, Yet my petitions were never heard; Ever a calamity I am--- Albeit effulgent and heralding... Continue Reading →


I am hatred incarnate. Blood-soaked sins of my past Plaster red this acrylic painting Of vivacious colors matching What I saw in those vibrant eyes. No scent, No glimpse, No memory Can every deliquesce from my perception. This, like the paraplegic's legs Or the seeress's vision of war, Is my unholy curse, wrought by imprudence:... Continue Reading →

Money Eyes

Peer at me with money eyes. Camaraderie is a convincing disguise, But the underscoring truth belies The intentions of your grotesque reprise. Would a little sincerity kill you, darling? Humor me until I bend or break; Whittle away at me with affection, And spear my heart with your insufferable gaze. Feel my legs quiver, enfeebled... Continue Reading →

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