What the hell could I say to you That would illustrate the basest feeling I hold in your regard? I try to map out the perfect explanation, Fit all the pieces together to make a whole That is beautiful and moving, Like a sweeping score that crescendos Until the emotive climax that sends you to... Continue Reading →


Nefarious Emissary

This is what happens when we play with fire: We burn bridges down Because we trifle with things we don't understand. As hard as I tried, I could never fathom you Or comprehend your virulent mechanisms. In retrospect, it's so easy To say I was unjustly tasked with this onus, But not all of us... Continue Reading →

This Miserable Wake

I thought it was I Who would scathe you With hostility. How mistaken I was, Now that I see the calumny Behind those crystal eyes; But it was I who put the blade To the throat of our illusion And laid it to rest with an admission That should have remained unconfessed. Now we stare... Continue Reading →

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