My Empire, Collapsed

So this is what my empire has been built upon: A cracked foundation, that even now, As I sign edicts to expand my domain And further the reach of my dominion, Crumples beneath my feet, Leaving every effort to improve--- To expand and prosper--- Hollow and futile. Though the season for another harvest draws near,... Continue Reading →


Me, Vulnerable

Here am I, Vulnerable and exposed, Because unlike the craven and weak, I will not succumb to puerility--- Deluded by ego Into believing there is strength In shutting the world off, Denying it my love and truth. Revealing myself to her fully, Whether in acceptance or rejection, There is value in this soul's existence, And... Continue Reading →

The Sins We Cannot Forgive

In spite of the pomp and confidence You exude every waking moment, Your silence is baffling; Nary a sound slips from your tongue, At least not in my presence, Because your words are reserved For the debased and debauched Who would only drag your soul To the depths of a hell you think you crave.... Continue Reading →


You are the love of my life: My best friend, My pillar; Our love is jejune and beautiful, A delicate struggle, A passion worth fighting for. But for all the empyreal bliss--- Every piece that fits together--- There is something horrid, Ripping away at my soul, Tethering me to the earth, Grounding me to your... Continue Reading →


She sidles along the edge Between light and shadow, A soul caught between kindness And the necessity of intimacy; Whoring friendship out To every casual passerby, Meandering from company to company, Buying drinks, sharing laughs, Every interaction as vapid as the last. At night she's still alone, Even when bodies lay beside her, Feeding her... Continue Reading →


Caring is not as simple as it seems. It is not always smiling and laughing; It is not cutting up with colleagues Or the people you see day in and day out. What it really means to care Is to stand firm when those you claim to love Have fallen to their lowest point And... Continue Reading →


Here we sit across the void, Two specters Watching each other clandestinely, Never speaking, never touching, Just hoping the other will slip first: I, the vacillating spirit, Who weaves in and out of your consciousness--- At one moment the center of your attention, And the next nonexistent in your realm; You, the mute celestial, Punishing... Continue Reading →


I am your soldier— Your guardian— Sworn to protect, And loyal until the end. On this battlefield I brandish my sword in your defense, To save you from the pain That threatens to invade your psyche And the torment That would drag your soul to hell. For you I fight, kill, and die, Knowing full... Continue Reading →

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