Purge and Panic

It starts in the chest, constricting my heart like a boa, As if asthma affects the aorta instead of the lungs. It stirs a panic, a need to find a loved one and never let go--- Not just holding on, but being absorbed so that I am never again alone; But it doesn't stop. The... Continue Reading →


The Dread of Ye

    I hate this feeling: The dread--- This fucking dread--- Knowing the anguish to come Now that this void I tried so hard to fill--- That was filled with your goddamn voice--- Is a void once more. The ennui is so real, And I abhor it so much, I find myself raking at my... Continue Reading →

A Perversion of Human Will

I take my seat at the mistake of the century, A willing bystander, discomfited, But curious of my own prophesying--- Heralded eons ago but never heeded--- To challenge my own prescience, Even though I acknowledge the futility In humoring such an action. Never one for disguise, I've laid bare every feeling, Every thought to illuminate... Continue Reading →

Immovable Objects

Congratulations! You've pushed me to the fringe of sanity, Where I grasp desperately at the precipice In hopes that you'll reach out your hand— Exuding inappropriate grace— And pull me to safety. I have no expectations, rest assured, As, like me, you remain motionless While the tide within rises, Drowning your reason and eroding your... Continue Reading →

Hypnic Jerk

Fear laces my heart, Pumping faster now--- Faster, faster! This is insanity; My mind's an absurdity. Of all that death's threatened in this episodic nightmare, Lucidity may be the first to fall from the periphery. Scratching these memories from the surface of consciousness Only to have the remnants vacillate into my stream of thought, I... Continue Reading →

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