I, Your Walking Plaything

I could hear the truth in your words Even as you vomited your adulation All over my ego: You didn't want my spirit, My mind, Or my critique; You only desired my attention And any pleasures I could manage. You'd have me as a husk, Lifeless but moving, serving one purpose; And you, my geth,... Continue Reading →


Mistress of Erebus

You came to me In the black of the night: Mistress of Erebus, Broken and bleeding With those eyes so red. I had fancied you an angel, Yet you deigned to look to me, To seek solace in my words. Alas, I was a myth You had built up in your head: Nothing real, no... Continue Reading →

The Quondam Friend, Now a Fraud

You stand before me: Tall, poised, identical To the friend I've known For a lifetime and more. Down to the fluctuation Your voice resonates, And to the flick of the wrist Each movement impeccable. To the unknowing eye You are the same: Unchanged, unadulterated Just maybe older. But you are a graphic image, Something alike... Continue Reading →


If I looked like you, I'd stand in front of the mirror, too, Staring at myself for hours on end, Absorbing my own vanity. You aspire toward perfection, Blotting out flaws--- So many imaginary--- Concealing them with devices artificial. I can't help but wonder why. What warped perception of humanity Would make you desire the... Continue Reading →

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