My Empire, Collapsed

So this is what my empire has been built upon: A cracked foundation, that even now, As I sign edicts to expand my domain And further the reach of my dominion, Crumples beneath my feet, Leaving every effort to improve--- To expand and prosper--- Hollow and futile. Though the season for another harvest draws near,... Continue Reading →



So long after leaving this field To rot and decay, Devoid of precipitation, Now laid waste even in bloom, Your voice has echoed Across this Morphean ether Where my emotions lay dormant, Imprisoned by reason and selfishness To conserve the well-being Of a deprived host. Stirred from inertia, The shock bolsters a stress long suppressed,... Continue Reading →


She sidles along the edge Between light and shadow, A soul caught between kindness And the necessity of intimacy; Whoring friendship out To every casual passerby, Meandering from company to company, Buying drinks, sharing laughs, Every interaction as vapid as the last. At night she's still alone, Even when bodies lay beside her, Feeding her... Continue Reading →

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