I wish I could wake up beside you every morning So that I could look upon your face, Natural and captivating; I want to see the real you, Without artificial machination Or concealment. I envy forever the man with such privilege And scream into pillows because you have sold yourself short, Sold your love to... Continue Reading →


These Obliterated Affairs

I've done it again: Set everything around me to ruin. With the gentlest of touches I have collapsed empires, Toppled monuments, And razed the capitals That govern my id; I have ruptured the dams That hold this deluge at bay So these tears can flow unhindered, Wash away the rubble from these obliterated affairs And,... Continue Reading →


Here we sit across the void, Two specters Watching each other clandestinely, Never speaking, never touching, Just hoping the other will slip first: I, the vacillating spirit, Who weaves in and out of your consciousness--- At one moment the center of your attention, And the next nonexistent in your realm; You, the mute celestial, Punishing... Continue Reading →

Our Beloved City, Mourning

As dawn beckons light Over our beautiful skyline A heart bleeds tragedy--- A scream louder than a dozen gunshots. The pain of oppression and atrocity of sin Amalgamate into hatred, Drowning out songs with screams, Burning down hope with devastation. A quartet of souls That should have never been sacrificed Now ascend to plead our... Continue Reading →

Cadaver’s Muse

This isn't life; This is death. I am a corpse masquerading, Feigning feelings I do not possess. Inside, I am a wintry wasteland, Barren, Perhaps at first attractive, But caustic and moribund when the charm evaporates. Another wave crashes, Another force pins me down, Holding me under, Watching me struggle for air in a sea... Continue Reading →

Arctic Abyss

Endless abyss--- Drifting alone, thoughtless and void. No air here, just the dark, Smothered by the tangible, Encumbered via nature. A plea goes unheard in this oblivion. No sound escapes, no cries are made; Just a form sifting and sinking, Blind to the world, Useless to the machinations of the everyday, Sacrificed to death itself... Continue Reading →

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