Purge and Panic

It starts in the chest, constricting my heart like a boa, As if asthma affects the aorta instead of the lungs. It stirs a panic, a need to find a loved one and never let go--- Not just holding on, but being absorbed so that I am never again alone; But it doesn't stop. The... Continue Reading →


Sixteen Lines of Self-Pity

People make time for what they care about most, And no one is making time for me. I shut off my phone out of spite In the hopes that you will check in And maybe worry when I don’t respond. It would be my little revenge against you for this desolation--- This isolation--- You have... Continue Reading →

Groom of Eris

“This isn't real,” the voice says, Whispering through the ether of darkness: A black void that occupies my mind. It is without form this voice speaks, No consciousness but my own To sustain its malevolence, Subsisting entirely on my paranoia Because I don't know how to exist Free of the anxiety born from my insecurity.... Continue Reading →


I was never yours, And you were never mine. Why, then, does it feel Like I've lost something wonderful? From every angle of this pentagram We never intersected, Never touched, But I could swear to any god I knew you, I felt you, I breathed you. I carve scars into my flesh And then cry... Continue Reading →


My fingers feel heavy, So that even putting words to paper Exerts every ounce of energy. This is a complete 180 From where I was a week ago; What I thought was my better half Smirks with derision from the firmament Saying, "I was never a part of you." It must have been delusion, then,... Continue Reading →


You are hopeless, Terminal, A tumor infecting my mind. Where I once found you a light Raining hope on this bleak desert, I now see you are the opposite, Only serving as stress While you wallow and writhe, Unwilling to stand on your feet And take hold of the hands That strain to raise you... Continue Reading →


If I had to describe the sensation Of stepping into your iridescent presence, Knowing I can only get so close— Never close enough to bask in your light— It would be the panic of suffocation, The constriction in the chest That paralyzes all rational thought And ignites a frenzy of apprehension, Except I can still... Continue Reading →

Death by Paper Airplane

I'm lying on the floor Waiting for a goddamned text, But the phone is silent--- The only sound the hum of the laptop And my own stilted breathing. I'm waiting for an indication That I'm not alone in this struggle, That there is someone out there Who cares, who feels this pain Simply because it's... Continue Reading →

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