Death’s Allure

I'm sick of hearing how I'm a great person, How generous and supportive I am. It's not that I don’t appreciate a compliment, But it's patronizing when I still feel so alone; Because my friends are too busy for me And talking to any of them now is akin to screaming into a void. My... Continue Reading →


For Tahlequah and Her Dearly Departed

The love I possess only for you, So strong, so unattainable--- Even in life it heralds death; But even in death, its heart still beats. For seventeen days I have held you, And seventeen times seventeen more I would carry you across oceans: A thousand miles to ferry your soul, Like Charon, to the next... Continue Reading →

From the High Rise Where I Will Commit Suicide

Everything looks so meager down below, As miniscule as the stars overhead, Each dot an entire person, An entire world upon which everything else revolves, Unmoving by other worlds amassing their own gravitational pulls, Each one self-contained, suffering its own entropy. Yes, these people are dying stars, Once so bright, but fading out quickly, Sliding... Continue Reading →


Embattled: This is the landscape of my soul, Reaped of the famine that would set in motion the apocalypse. The stars have waged war with the sky, And where you see salvation and safeguard--- Perspective derived from the dilution of your spirituality--- I see the beginning of the end, Because I am fallen, a demon,... Continue Reading →

Would it Kill You to Kill Me?

Author's note: these are actually lyrics to a song I wrote some time ago. I have restructured them here to read a little better. I would share the song itself, but I'm shite at singing. I've waited so long, I've waited to carry you home in my arms, I've waited for that second chance, I've... Continue Reading →

An Appeal of Sorts

I often wonder what would happen if I were to die tomorrow. Would the lives I've drifted into weep for me? Would there be eulogies and platitudes spoken in my honor? How would you remember me, at the end? Would it be with fondness, As someone who loved you, lifted you up, And offered something... Continue Reading →

Are All Farewells This Bitter?

The edifice has collapsed. It wasn't conspiracy, Just a lack of maintenance, Allowing the supports to bend And the cracks to widen Until it all fell down. This is your life, or rather Your existence, Because you are not living, Despite the oxygen you consume. Those eyes are dead; You are a wraith moving through... Continue Reading →

A Betrayed’s Lament

      You bring out the worst in me: That darkness I've struggled so hard to suppress. I didn't realize it until today, Staring at meaningless words On an artificial screen, Trying to capture the essence Of everything I feel for you, Everything I've felt. It has all unraveled before my eyes, And the... Continue Reading →

Ponderings on the Shores of Death

What do you do When the loneliness creeps into your heart, Crushing you with the weight Of a thousand temples that once stood As monuments to your empire of amorosity? How can you combat Something that is so real, Yet so intangible, And strikes like a hurricane, Crashing into the coast, Felling even the tallest... Continue Reading →

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