Black Magick and Condemnations

I know your dirty little secret, If it can even be called that, Since you're a piss-poor liar--- Or you just didn't try to hide it. And I don't know what's more insulting: The act itself; Or the implication of my stupidity, As though I would sit with a sewn mouth And open legs, Acting... Continue Reading →


My Empire, Collapsed

So this is what my empire has been built upon: A cracked foundation, that even now, As I sign edicts to expand my domain And further the reach of my dominion, Crumples beneath my feet, Leaving every effort to improve--- To expand and prosper--- Hollow and futile. Though the season for another harvest draws near,... Continue Reading →

A Betrayed’s Lament

      You bring out the worst in me: That darkness I've struggled so hard to suppress. I didn't realize it until today, Staring at meaningless words On an artificial screen, Trying to capture the essence Of everything I feel for you, Everything I've felt. It has all unraveled before my eyes, And the... Continue Reading →

The Sins We Cannot Forgive

In spite of the pomp and confidence You exude every waking moment, Your silence is baffling; Nary a sound slips from your tongue, At least not in my presence, Because your words are reserved For the debased and debauched Who would only drag your soul To the depths of a hell you think you crave.... Continue Reading →

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