Purge and Panic

It starts in the chest, constricting my heart like a boa, As if asthma affects the aorta instead of the lungs. It stirs a panic, a need to find a loved one and never let go--- Not just holding on, but being absorbed so that I am never again alone; But it doesn't stop. The... Continue Reading →


Groom of Eris

“This isn't real,” the voice says, Whispering through the ether of darkness: A black void that occupies my mind. It is without form this voice speaks, No consciousness but my own To sustain its malevolence, Subsisting entirely on my paranoia Because I don't know how to exist Free of the anxiety born from my insecurity.... Continue Reading →


The panic sets in: My breaths stifle As if someone is standing on my lungs; My bones tremble As though frozen to the marrow; My heart beats faster As if it at any second it will burst. Everything within me Tells me to run, To lash out, to scream, To point a finger, To lay... Continue Reading →

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