The Chasm

Hear them—the voices beneath you That still talk down to you somehow, That have no words of substance to speak, Jeering from a sunken dais gilded in discrimination. They would call you lost, evil, blasphemous; You would be the monster’s abomination, Not something to abort but to manipulate into repression, Twisting your mind in on... Continue Reading →


Stepping Stone

I love this arrangement you have manipulated me into, Because everyone needs a stone to step on, A foothold when they're about to fall, And I cannot thank you enough for making me yours. The weight of your foot upon my skull Is something I certainly yearn for and do not resent; Being used for... Continue Reading →

Black Magick and Condemnations

I know your dirty little secret, If it can even be called that, Since you're a piss-poor liar--- Or you just didn't try to hide it. And I don't know what's more insulting: The act itself; Or the implication of my stupidity, As though I would sit with a sewn mouth And open legs, Acting... Continue Reading →

You Will Never be Janne Olsson

When will your apocalypse arrive? I await the day you breathe your last, Counting the days with the links of this chain You have bound me with To keep me in your sight, Bent to your will, And obeisant to your whims. You are a savage, Butchering my esteem with your words, Sharper than the... Continue Reading →

Epics and Tragedies

With the love we shared, The ambition we possessed, And the future we craved, We were authoring Our own personal epic, But you have become a tragedy; And make no mistake: A tragedy is not some love story Where a man gives his life for his lover And through selflessness is redeemed. There is no... Continue Reading →

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