The Wonderful World of Google (And Modern Technology)

You know those questions you're asked by your friends that you really don't know the answer to? Inquiries such as, "What time does Zaxby's close?"* or, "What is an off-lease computer?"** I have one answer to these types of questions. "I don't know. Google it." You, see, my entire life I've been so thankful to... Continue Reading →


Just a Text Message Away

Like some (but not most) people, there is a certain bit of technology I abhor. I mean, really abhor. This bit of 20th century advancement forces you to engage in colloquy with extremely painful---and superfluous---preamble. It is prosaic, mind-numbing, and, to be frank, time-draining. Yes, I'm talking about the telephone. Some love it, some hate... Continue Reading →

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