Foursquare: The Stalker’s Delight

Growing up in Southeastern United States, it may not (or it may) be a surprise to hear one of the most often vocalized concerns from neighbors, friends, and what not was the government intruding on its citizens' privacy. This concern, of course, was inflamed with the terrorist scare and the passing of the Patriot Act,... Continue Reading →


Social Media Activism: An Epidemic

The world is moving. Communication is stronger than ever, with smartphones, social media, and the Internet. It's a wonderful thing, to be sure, but as always, with the good comes the bad. Many would say wasting time on the Internet surfing Youtube for funny trending videos and clicking through countless hysterical memes are a waste... Continue Reading →

Just a Text Message Away

Like some (but not most) people, there is a certain bit of technology I abhor. I mean, really abhor. This bit of 20th century advancement forces you to engage in colloquy with extremely painful---and superfluous---preamble. It is prosaic, mind-numbing, and, to be frank, time-draining. Yes, I'm talking about the telephone. Some love it, some hate... Continue Reading →

The Church of Apple

Growing up in the Southeast, it shouldn't be surprising that I have a background rife with religion. My roots dig deep in the home-schooled, American Catholic demographic, and through that I learned all about the tenants of Catholicism. Later, when I entered a (predominantly Presbyterian)¬†private school, I was educated on the foundations of Protestantism, Martin... Continue Reading →

Ancient Twenty-Four

As I stand at the cusp of my twenty-fourth year of life, I am very much baffled by the concerns that have permeated my conscious. Bills, the Presidential election, finding a job before college graduation (see next point), the unemployment rate (see previous point), and ludicrous gas prices all have their ways ¬†of perturbing my... Continue Reading →

Intro / Pathos, Pathos

Welcome, dear, dear readers to my first official blog (Facebook Notes and similar social media aside). If you don't know me, that's okay; you'll have ample opportunity to learn through this digital intermediary. Since this is an "introduction" of sorts, I won't jump right into the unabashed life revelations just yet, and in lieu will... Continue Reading →

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