Nature of the Soul


It is the great lie of our existence: that we possess a soul,
When the truth is that the soul possesses us.
By its very nature it cannot be contained, cannot be denied its nature;
And like the imprint of a brand our souls expand beyond ourselves,
Imprinting a piece of us onto others: those we meet, those we touch—
Friends, enemies, lovers, strangers.
We cannot remove our souls from others and cannot remove theirs from us.

In this ephemeral form of existence we can never be alone,
And despite emotion or thought we always matter,
We always impress, we always affect;
So you may go where you will—to another time or universe,
But I have touched you and I have loved you,
So you will be no more rid of me than I will you,
And this is the only truth of existence that matters.


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