Frankly, My Dear

I've tried so hard to hate you, But every time I muster a mote of loathing Or contrive the basest slander against your character, My tongue ties into knots or I stumble; And I know that for all my wishing, I could never bring myself to defame you, Though it would be so much easier... Continue Reading →


These Obliterated Affairs

I've done it again: Set everything around me to ruin. With the gentlest of touches I have collapsed empires, Toppled monuments, And razed the capitals That govern my id; I have ruptured the dams That hold this deluge at bay So these tears can flow unhindered, Wash away the rubble from these obliterated affairs And,... Continue Reading →

The Dread of Ye

    I hate this feeling: The dread--- This fucking dread--- Knowing the anguish to come Now that this void I tried so hard to fill--- That was filled with your goddamn voice--- Is a void once more. The ennui is so real, And I abhor it so much, I find myself raking at my... Continue Reading →


What the hell could I say to you That would illustrate the basest feeling I hold in your regard? I try to map out the perfect explanation, Fit all the pieces together to make a whole That is beautiful and moving, Like a sweeping score that crescendos Until the emotive climax that sends you to... Continue Reading →

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