Black Magick and Condemnations

I know your dirty little secret, If it can even be called that, Since you're a piss-poor liar--- Or you just didn't try to hide it. And I don't know what's more insulting: The act itself; Or the implication of my stupidity, As though I would sit with a sewn mouth And open legs, Acting... Continue Reading →


The Bride Even the Devil Divorced

There is nothing sexy about your rage--- The infernal vengeance You would reap upon those who have wronged you, Borne you into this world, Or stood in your presence Instead of kneeling before your majesty; So excuse me if I recuse myself From your infallible presence Or shiver when your skin meets mine. I do... Continue Reading →


I crave destruction; It's not some romanticized fiction Or noble venture brimming with sentiment. Because of everything that's conspired against me--- Governments, family, a chastised world--- I pine for the end. Within this sanctuary I have etched There exists no morality, Only a rage beget by injustice; And on this altar of ire I sacrifice... Continue Reading →

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