Shadow in the Ubiquitous Light

A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light--- Luminiferous immemorial. But where I once stood wide-eyed My eyes now contract, Unfamiliar with the purging brightness. A shadow in the Ubiquitous Light, Shifting dubiously---not without shame--- For this light that once consoled Is now foreign in this dark mind; For profligacy abounds unrestrained. A shadow in the Ubiquitous... Continue Reading →


I, Your Walking Plaything

I could hear the truth in your words Even as you vomited your adulation All over my ego: You didn't want my spirit, My mind, Or my critique; You only desired my attention And any pleasures I could manage. You'd have me as a husk, Lifeless but moving, serving one purpose; And you, my geth,... Continue Reading →

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