I was never yours, And you were never mine. Why, then, does it feel Like I've lost something wonderful? From every angle of this pentagram We never intersected, Never touched, But I could swear to any god I knew you, I felt you, I breathed you. I carve scars into my flesh And then cry... Continue Reading →



Aphrodite stares in envy At the beauty with which you grace Olympus; Greater even than a goddess, You enrapture every eye with your presence, Casting a shadow on the brightest lights in this world Because your radiance outshines them all. If Helen's face launched a thousand ships Yours would incite global warfare, For no soul... Continue Reading →


I am a parasite, a disease, A corruption never meant for your world; Eons I have traveled, And light-years crossing the cosmos, Seeking what you, in infirm mind And demarcated myopia, can never assimilate. I have suffered your invectives millennia quondam, Yet my petitions were never heard; Ever a calamity I am--- Albeit effulgent and... Continue Reading →

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