The Artisan


You are an artisan,
A master of your craft.
Every ounce of your iridescence
Is reflected in your work;
It is the window to your soul,
The key to your mind,
So brilliant in its nuance and complexity,
I damn near shudder against its genius.
You are a warrior,
And the most effective kind,
Because no matter how many souls you save,
How much inspiration you ignite,
How many voices you rally,
You always yearn to do more,
To be a beacon of encouragement
And effect the most positive change
For the good of the world.
You are genuine,
And though we are of alien factions,
You are the type of person I strive to be,
Though I could never match your ethereality;
But if I can possess a mote of your integrity
Or a shred of your influence
That permeates every spirit you encounter,
Then on the day of my death,
I can meet the end with a smile
And all the blessings the gods could bestow.


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