The Artisan

You are an artisan, A master of your craft. Every ounce of your iridescence Is reflected in your work; It is the window to your soul, The key to your mind, So brilliant in its nuance and complexity, I damn near shudder against its genius. You are a warrior, And the most effective kind, Because... Continue Reading →


A Perversion of Human Will

I take my seat at the mistake of the century, A willing bystander, discomfited, But curious of my own prophesying--- Heralded eons ago but never heeded--- To challenge my own prescience, Even though I acknowledge the futility In humoring such an action. Never one for disguise, I've laid bare every feeling, Every thought to illuminate... Continue Reading →

Raging Texan

You are a raging alcoholic, A bleeding masochist Delighting in the debauchery You wade in to ignite your self-loathing And justify the stoicism that defines your life. You are the type of person, So entrenched in hopelessness That you would excuse a domestic abuser, Because co-dependence outweighs your well-being, Despite your assertions to the contrary.... Continue Reading →

Me, Vulnerable

Here am I, Vulnerable and exposed, Because unlike the craven and weak, I will not succumb to puerility--- Deluded by ego Into believing there is strength In shutting the world off, Denying it my love and truth. Revealing myself to her fully, Whether in acceptance or rejection, There is value in this soul's existence, And... Continue Reading →

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