Pledge to the Orphan

Hello, world. That's what you are to me: The axis upon which my psyche tilts, The only sustenance for my soul. There is no other light on this dismal earth, Where monsters roam And the living have lost their minds To infections untreatable Or stringency remorseless; But you, my world--- You are that something special,... Continue Reading →


The Only War That Mattered, Lost

This is what war feels like--- Not a conflict of nations or political agendas Waged in faraway deserts neglected, With anonymous bombs falling overhead; I am talking about the battle for a soul, The desperate struggle to offer salvation. After all this time, I still cannot prevaricate And pretend I entered this war zone armed;... Continue Reading →

Nefarious Emissary

This is what happens when we play with fire: We burn bridges down Because we trifle with things we don't understand. As hard as I tried, I could never fathom you Or comprehend your virulent mechanisms. In retrospect, it's so easy To say I was unjustly tasked with this onus, But not all of us... Continue Reading →

Would it Kill You to Kill Me?

Author's note: these are actually lyrics to a song I wrote some time ago. I have restructured them here to read a little better. I would share the song itself, but I'm shite at singing. I've waited so long, I've waited to carry you home in my arms, I've waited for that second chance, I've... Continue Reading →

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