Epics and Tragedies

Teddy bear park

With the love we shared,
The ambition we possessed,
And the future we craved,
We were authoring
Our own personal epic,
But you have become a tragedy;
And make no mistake:
A tragedy is not some love story
Where a man gives his life for his lover
And through selflessness is redeemed.
There is no salvation in tragedy,
No hope or beauty;
It is ugly, ending in the ruin of a soul.
You have buried everything that is best about you
Beneath a life of recurring habit
And the company of the wretched,
Who would use your gifts
To sap the light from your spirit
And somehow leave you craving more of their abuse.
You were given the love you deserve,
But in the face of happiness
You offered only repudiation.
I know not why, but I cannot stand by,
Watching you destroy your potential,
Your brilliance;
And if this is the life you choose,
You will end up as alone as you think you are now.
You will not have my comfort or kindness—
Which you claim to cherish so deeply—
Or the solace of true friendship;
You will only have a barren future,
Razed by your search for instant gratification
And your unconditional disbelief
That you can rise above these tribulations.
I hope to god this is not your fate,
But it’s out of my hands,
And soon, I fear, out of my sight.


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