Are All Farewells This Bitter?

Horseman Death

The edifice has collapsed.
It wasn’t conspiracy,
Just a lack of maintenance,
Allowing the supports to bend
And the cracks to widen
Until it all fell down.
This is your life, or rather
Your existence,
Because you are not living,
Despite the oxygen you consume.
Those eyes are dead;
You are a wraith moving through this world.
You may declare otherwise,
But the confessions you purge
Are ludonarrative dissonance
Betrayed by your inertia.
You have invited apocalypse
To your doorstep,
And against the might of its fury
I am powerless;
This is the end.
The horsemen will spread their disaster
As you grieve over ghosts
And a life you never gave a chance.
I reached out to your rescue,
And in so doing
Sacrificed both my arms.
Helpless, bleeding,
And useless,
I cannot watch another tear drop,
Cannot hear another cry from your throat;
My sympathy has dried.
Now, with a back turned
And a fractured mind,
I leave in your personal Gehenna,
With all the prayers and supplications
I can incant on your behalf,
Knowing even as I do
It will never be enough.


2 thoughts on “Are All Farewells This Bitter?

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    1. Well jeez, that’s so nice of you! Thanks for the kinds words and for reading. Feel free to offer your thoughts (good or bad) on any of my other poems!

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