Nacreous Vains

Bizarre storm

Hello there, beautiful;
I saw you in a dream serene,
Infecting memories of a life long past,
Filling it with verve and vibrancy,
Turning the dull greys into verdant fields,
And it drives me to tears with each glance.
You stole my infatuation
With your wanton kindness
And took hold of my lust
With your sweet sensuality,
Never to acquiesce, never to grant release,
And always to impugn my sanctity
And leave me desperate, yearning,
Wondering where I went astray.
After all’s said and done,
I suppose it doesn’t matter much;
You, amazon of the fantasy,
Are simply too far,
Too transcendent for me to graze
Or look upon without going blind,
So in the recesses of my mind I watch,
Ever admiring, ever dreaming
And always, always reaching.


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