Love and Tragedy Among the Stars

Here I am, a helpless creature; One-of-a-kind, wandering this planet alone. This is how it's always been: Spending nights looking to the sky, Wondering what may lay in the cosmos, And traversing the lands--- My lands--- By day, tending to the gardens In a solitude tranquil but colorless. I could nary believe it When, like... Continue Reading →


An Appeal of Sorts

I often wonder what would happen if I were to die tomorrow. Would the lives I've drifted into weep for me? Would there be eulogies and platitudes spoken in my honor? How would you remember me, at the end? Would it be with fondness, As someone who loved you, lifted you up, And offered something... Continue Reading →


I've committed suicide again In hopes that resurrection Comes in more than threes. This is why I've no fear of death; I've done it so many times already. I walk, a specter on this earth, Mourning the dead I have joined, Because failure in life Was an onus my soul couldn't bear, But here in... Continue Reading →

Not All Love Stories End Well

I am the luckiest human alive To have found my savior, My redeemer, The one who keeps me alive And shows me this world Is not always ugly, That there is something to live for Amidst the horror reels And insipid greys. Yet, as the years have ticked by, I have felt your scorn, I... Continue Reading →

Epics and Tragedies

With the love we shared, The ambition we possessed, And the future we craved, We were authoring Our own personal epic, But you have become a tragedy; And make no mistake: A tragedy is not some love story Where a man gives his life for his lover And through selflessness is redeemed. There is no... Continue Reading →

Are All Farewells This Bitter?

The edifice has collapsed. It wasn't conspiracy, Just a lack of maintenance, Allowing the supports to bend And the cracks to widen Until it all fell down. This is your life, or rather Your existence, Because you are not living, Despite the oxygen you consume. Those eyes are dead; You are a wraith moving through... Continue Reading →

Nacreous Vains

Hello there, beautiful; I saw you in a dream serene, Infecting memories of a life long past, Filling it with verve and vibrancy, Turning the dull greys into verdant fields, And it drives me to tears with each glance. You stole my infatuation With your wanton kindness And took hold of my lust With your... Continue Reading →

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