Light in Space

I know who I am:
Every last bit of me;
It all fits into place,
Like a puzzle pieced together.
At long last, I need nothing:
Not your religion,
Not veneration toward false gods,
Not your orgies and promiscuity
Or your diminutive perception of love.
I feel the peace resonating—
Internal, not without,
Where I searched for so long,
Only ever finding disappointment and heartbreak,
Like I was traveling a desert
On an endless peregrination,
And each time I thought I found an oasis
It was only a mirage, and the beauty disappeared
Right before my eyes.
So I have stopped searching outward
And have found the rejuvenating waters
Exist only in my mind, my soul;
And should the rest of this journey
Be traveled with no footsteps alongside mine,
I know it will be a quiet trek,
And tranquil.


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