Mistress of Erebus


You came to me
In the black of the night:
Mistress of Erebus,
Broken and bleeding
With those eyes so red.
I had fancied you an angel,
Yet you deigned to look to me,
To seek solace in my words.
Alas, I was a myth
You had built up in your head:
Nothing real, no savior
To enlighten you or drag you
From the blackness that has consumed you
And racked you with guilt,
Forcing you to wear a mask
You think the world wants you to wear;
Despite all that, you showed me the real you—
The one so few have seen—
The side fractured but beautiful all the same.
No doubt it was to your chagrin
You discovered I am no god
Or sage to vanquish your troubles
And erase your sorrows;
I am but a man
In the presence of a goddess,
And even though I have failed you,
Had only a fraction of time in the universe
To hold you,
I love you.

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