How Words Can Crush a Soul

Lips on fire

Can you really expect me to believe
The words that escape your mouth,
After all the tears you’ve shed
That have dropped into your vat of deceit,
Sucked into a drain and lost from your memory
Like they never happened?
Too bad I don’t forget.
Every utterance from your lips
Has been seared into my mind,
So that each time your actions belie,
It burns like the Lake of Fire.
The false hopes you imbued
Have tarnished my memories of the past
And stripped any hope for the future,
And every time I ruminate on what was
And every beautiful word you revived my spirit with,
It crushes me as though I’ve lost a piece of my humanity.
I don’t expect an apology;
I don’t even expect empathy.
After this long in Gehenna,
Expectation has been erased,
And in its place there is only loneliness.


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