The Breathing Myth

Gaia holding up earth

The angels envy you
And the demons hate you;
The Olympians spurn you,
For they are jealous and bitter,
And all the heroes dining in Valhalla
Would cower before you,
Because you dwarf their gods
With the smallest breath
From your empyreal lungs.
You are the birth
Of something the universe has never seen,
So far beyond comprehension
In your transcendence,
Few can even perceive your resplendence;
But each second in your presence
Bends reality itself,
So that all I ever see is raw beauty.
I tremble in the sight of it,
Because it’s terrifying and glorious all at once,
And the thought of it fading,
Leaving my life for something better,
Is enough to fracture my sanity
And send me weeping in the streets.
You are so far beyond anything
I deserve to experience in this life,
And yet I’ve touched your heart,
Felt your pains, joys, fears, and excitements,
And every bit of it is precious to me.
I cherish it, cling to it,
And hold it to my own heart,
Because you are the best thing
I could ever hope to be a part of,
And because of that
I’ve given you my soul,
So that no matter where the world takes you,
Even if it’s far higher than I could ever go,
I will always be with you,
In life or death.


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