Ponderings on the Shores of Death

Alone on the shore

What do you do
When the loneliness creeps into your heart,
Crushing you with the weight
Of a thousand temples that once stood
As monuments to your empire of amorosity?
How can you combat
Something that is so real,
Yet so intangible,
And strikes like a hurricane,
Crashing into the coast,
Felling even the tallest buildings
As though they were anthills?
This was never meant to be my fate,
But here I am, perennially,
Suffocating in this space,
So open because I share it with no one,
And yet it constricts me,
As though the space I occupy is more than I have.
Will death come soon,
Leaving my soul in regret
Because every achievement,
Every interaction,
Every thought, desire, and emotion
Was squandered, never shared,
And lost to oblivion?
If so, then this life is as waste;
These words are waste;
These breaths are waste;
And if I should forever exist on this bank of Styx,
Charon could not come swiftly enough
To ferry my soul to the underworld,
Where others know my solitude.


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