Mother of Pearl


Mother of Pearl, I have failed you.
You came to me in a dream,
Vulgar and brash as a cataclysm,
A soul in distress beyond our realm,
But I would be your vessel—
Your savior—
To do what you could not in life.
I accepted the onus
Because of my love, burgeoning,
Swearing to you I would never surrender,
Never accept anything
Short of fulfilling your request
And reflecting the light from your daughter’s spirit.
Mother of Pearl, I swear to you I tried,
But I’m not enough;
Despite every effort, every sacrifice,
I ran afoul of her temper and disgust
And was left bleeding, dying,
Wondering how, in such a feeble state,
I would ever be able to lift her up.
I lost your daughter, Mother of Pearl,
To the dark devices you forbade
Because it led you to this regret,
And now I will bear my own
As I watch everything I cherished,
Everything I love,
Conflagrate in the flames of abandonment.

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