While normally an image accompanies my writings, there is none that can encapsulate the subject of this piece, and to do so would be just as futile as the proceeding words.

It is a futile task
To try to conjure any word
That could ever describe you
In all your beauty, wonderment,
Talent, quirkiness, and bravado;
To attempt it is a Sisyphean endeavor,
Where even the most poetic words or stanzas
Would sound ugly
Juxtaposed with how incomprehensibly remarkable you are.
When I look at you, speak to you,
And witness your unparalleled divinity,
I realize it is impossible for God to exist,
Because there is nothing within this universe
Or without
That could match your sanctity.
My heart aches as tears well in my eyes,
Because all I want is to help you realize
That you are the greatest thing
To ever exist in this realm,
That in a world filled with virulence and maleficence,
A snapshot of your presence,
The smallest utterance of your voice,
Obliterates anything I could ever perceive as unpleasant
And replaces it with a magnificence so daunting,
I tremble at the thought of its disappearance,
All the while knowing I’ve done nothing to deserve it,
And that at any moment if you cast me off,
Turn me away,
And vanquish this unutterable blessing from my life,
You would be vindicated,
Because even a second of passing you by
Is more than I could ever be worthy of in a lifetime of piety;
And still I falter, knowing these words aren’t enough—
They never will be—
But as pathetic and feeble as they are,
These words are the best I can ever hope to do,
Though with everything in me,
I will forever strive for new ways to make you understand,
Even knowing that every effort will fall short.

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